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Sir Jay a.k.a Sergei Vartiainen is a Finnish-Russian singer, producer and songwriter. His musical universe, combining aesthetics of 60’s and 70’s with the sounds of millenium, is a masterful blend of finger-picked acoustic guitar, analog synths, wild vintage beats and poetic lyrics. 


Sir Jay moved to Berlin right before the pandemic in search for a new artistic vision. The world never returned to normal, but the three strange years spent amidst midnight poppies, maples and moody streetlights permanently shaped the artist’s sound and spiralled it to new heights. The nine tracks, guided by the soft voice, carefully crafted musical arrangements and touchy lyrics, result in something strangely moving while showing the versatility of the artist. The collaboration with violinist Elia Lombardini and drummer Oskari Järvinen gives the album the final kick it deserves.     


Sir Jay’s debut album, Running from yourself will first see daylight on live shows in summer and fall 2023. To reach the full spectrum of the recording, the singer will be backed by strings and an electric five-piece band.

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