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Big Waves EP - Out Now

Berlin-based Finnish-Russian singer-songwriter and producer Sir Jay releases his debut EP "Big Waves" on June 5th 2020. Sir Jay's songs are inspired by the polar opposites of urban claustrophobia and the open wide of nature and how these two affect the human experience. The songwriter also examines how we live in a society that requires constant accomplishments and leaves us with a feeling of perpetual underachievement. 


Sir Jay draws his influences from modern folk-rock singer-songwriters such as Ben Howard, Hozier and Fink. The sounds on the Big Waves EP is built around Jay's acoustic guitars, body percussion, bold lead guitar work and even tinges of prog-rock elements.


Sir Jay's solo efforts began while studying songwriting in London in 2018 where he wrote the earliest iterations of the material on this EP. After returning home to Finland he began working with top Finnish producer Markus Savijoki who is known for his work with Lake Jons and Karina. The drum work on the EP was crafted by Oskari Järvinen, also a collaborator of top Finnish pop artists like Ellinoora.


The beginning of 2020 saw Sir Jay making headway as a touring artist with a nice string of shows around Finland until the current pandemic stopped all touring. He is currently working on material for his full-length album and booking new shows for the winter 2020/2021 season. 

Scandinavian chants and soaring guitars open the title track to Sir Jay's upcoming EP “Big Waves”. With instrumentations as tumultuous as ocean currents in a storm and concussive vocals, the Finnish songwriter aligns his songs with the wild dynamic of nature from his home country. Lamenting the daily rut of urban living and mundane responsibility, the brand new single is a cry for liberation and escapism from stress and municipal claustrophobia.


Playfully combining the melancholia of an early Ben Howard with the mightiness of Royal Blood on tracks such as “Forest House”, the lyricist further showcases his profound nature affinity, singing praise to a getaway spot far outside of his hometown Helsinki where the foundation for the EP was written. Reminder for more mindfulness and mutual appreciation in hard times of relationships - “Partner In Crime” - in contrast, shows a more introspective side of the musician, softly alleviated by its ludic cadence, reminiscent of a Midsommar celebratory dance.


Demonstrating a more honest and straightforward musical direction compared to 2018's debut single “Solitary Soul”, Sir Jay seems to have found himself in the calm after migrating back from the city life of London and now charges ahead with newly found broad-shoulderedness.

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